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City Governance

Bainbridge Island deserves responsive, responsible and predictable governance.

I have served Bainbridge Island for more that 20 years on numerous boards, organizations and community groups. I now wish to bring my depth of skills and experience gained through that work to the City Council. 

As a member of the Bainbridge Island City Council, I will work to elevate respectful, mindful and common sense decision making and to provide our community with renewed reason to trust the judgement of their elected representatives. 

From serving as a Tukwila City Council member (1988-1992) to serving in responsible positions for the Clinton Administration, Office of the Governor, Office of Congressman Jay Inslee, the Washington State Senate, our Kitsap County Commissioners Office and Sound Transit, with my broad experience I am uniquely qualified in public service and collaborative, common sense problem solving.


In my decades of volunteer service bringing people together on our island community, among my biggest joys are hosting thousands of people to celebrate our Japanese American Community's events such as the annual New Years' Mochi Tsuki, and the humbling honor to spearhead and earn unanimous national support for our county's only National Historic Site, the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial.

I have lived by and fully understand the norms, rules, responsibilities and ethics that govern elected officials, which I vow to adhere to as a Bainbridge Island City Council member.

I have a decades long, proven track record of finding common ground and bringing people together with thoughtful, inclusive respect to hear all sides of an issue. 

I pledge to use my experience and skills to help create a community atmosphere of mutual respect and civility, and to inspire public confidence in our city's governance, services and programs.


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